Cedar roofing

Cedar roofing services in Freehold, NJ

A roof made of natural materials will always be in demand due to its environmental friendliness and functionality. This coating will be used for a long time in Freehold, NJ, because, despite the natural materials, the roof still has hydro and noise insulation, which does not allow moisture and cold.

The best product for covering the house is a natural material! It will clean the external environment and protect the home from moisture, cold, and heat. Take care of your health and future, choose exclusively high-quality materials, and install a reliable roof with Roofing, Windows, and Siding in Freehold.

Benefits of cedar roof:

  • Cedar is the most durable tree species; their cedar wood products do not lose their working properties for a long time. The material's structure has excellent noise absorption and effective thermal insulation properties, so it does not require additional insulation in some cases.
  • Even cedar wood treated with preservatives is environmentally safe; it initially has antifungal and antibacterial properties. This reduces the possibility of mold, even in humid climates.
  • • Cedar shingles are an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled. When they wear out and need to be replaced, they can be easily disposed of and degraded without any threat to the environment. Spent cedar is also a common ingredient in mulch and other garden fillers. In addition, every time a cedar is cut down to make shingles or shakes, a new tree is planted. Wood is the only fully renewable building material that is widely used.
  • Wood is easily recycled as a building material, paper, fuel, and mulch. If it is not processed, the wood undergoes biological decomposition; that is, it decomposes. You can be sure that using cedar shingles will not have a negative impact on the environment.
  • Much of the cedar used for roofing comes from old-growth forests, but it is more sustainable for the environment. Harvesting old trees is better for the climate from a carbon perspective. When old trees die, they release carbon back into the atmosphere during decomposition. On the other hand, young forests absorb more carbon dioxide than ancient forests because they need it to grow.

Cedar shingles are safe for the environment and your wallet. 6. With proper care, a cedar roof lasts much longer than a traditional asphalt roof. You will only have to replace the roof sometimes, which will save roofing materials and save you money.

The durability of the cedar coating increases significantly after periodic cleaning. In the case of timely maintenance, the service life of the layer can exceed 70-80 years.

Because cedar shingles are durable and exhibit high quality, they effectively increase the resale value of your home. Homes with cedar roofs sell at higher prices on the real estate market. Home buyers are looking for homes with solid bones and charming features. A cedar roof satisfies both desires, making your home more attractive.

A well-maintained cedar roof will look and function better, increasing the value of your home while reducing curb appeal. Even if you don't currently plan to sell your home, maintaining a cedar roof may be in your best interest if you decide to sell your home. Please leave it to the experts at Roofing, Windows, and Siding in Freehold to keep your cedar shingles in good condition.

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