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Copper roof services in Freehold, NJ

Copper is a reliable and durable material from which roofing has been made since ancient times. Today, copper can be seen on the roofs of historic and modern buildings, private houses, and cottages. The beauty and practicality of copper have made it one of the elite roofing materials. What is the uniqueness of this material, and why is it ideal for installing a roof? Copper roofing is a prestigious coating and indicator of a thorough approach to building construction or capital repair. It is the choice of those who plan to operate the structure, whether a private house or commercial premises, for more than one decade, those who care about aesthetics and want to be sure of the roof.

Benefits of copper roofing:

  • There are many advantages of a copper roof, but the most important of them is, without a doubt, a very long service life. Modern manufacturers boldly guarantee 150-200 years, but looking into history, you can find buildings on which similar roofs have been standing for at least 5-6 centuries. Copper is a unique material; the secret of its longevity lies in its ability to form a patina layer on its surface, which stops corrosion. It is developed during the first 15 years of operation of the copper roof. By the way, it is thanks to it that roofing structures made of this material acquire a green tint - and it is thanks to it that copper retains its strength characteristics for a long time.
  • Low weight compared to all other roof coverings - even though copper is not a light material, due to its small thickness, the roof turns out to be practically the lightest. And reducing the weight of the building makes it possible to lower the requirements for its foundation, leading to cheaper construction.
  • High level of maintainability. Modern copper roofs are rarely made from large, large sheets of copper - as a rule, these are small fragments, which in case of failure, are pretty easy to replace with new ones. In this regard, a soft copper roof can easily compete with the well-known shingle, a smooth tile.
  • In addition to everything else, copper is soft and easily subject to deformations of the material, allowing you to cover with its help a roof of almost any configuration.
  • Copper roofing, or rather the material itself from which it is made, is soft and pliable, which is another of its advantages.

Today's technologies allow you to make copper for the roof in several formats. You have a corrugated roof, artificial copper (checkers, scales, three-dimensional rhombus), or soft tiles (traditional, elite, in the Versailles style). As a result, you will be able to create a reliable and durable roof that will protect the structure from premature wear and tear and provide comfort for many decades.

Copper roofing has high elasticity, is safe for health, it is an environmentally friendly material that does not require special care. And installation can be carried out any time of the year because copper is resistant to corrosion. Today's prices for a roof made of this material are affordable, but copper is considered a noble material. The roof cost is higher but pays off with long service life. Previously, many builders and owners of private houses dreamed of such an option. Today, the definitive version of the roof has become a reality.

Arrangement of the roof is a very responsible job. Miscalculations and errors are unacceptable here because the cost of the material is high. Therefore, it is better to entrust the device to the roof to professionals.

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