Double-hung windows

Installation and replacement of double-hung windows

You know that your home requires new windows. What’s next? Deciding about the style o which will suit your homes interior and exterior seem to be an intimidating task especially in Freehold, NJ. The traditional double-hung windows are still a great choice for any home in Freehold, NJ. They have two movable sashes, allowing you to open it either from the top down or from the bottom up. We have a verity of double-hung windows to choose from including Vinyl double-hung windows which are perfect for nearly any space in your home and are very low maintenance.

What benefits do they offer?

With the perfect combination of beauty and their ease of use they offer it’s no wonder why most of the homeowners in Freehold, NJ opt for double-hung windows when deciding the impeccable style suitable for your home. We have a huge variety of colors, sizes and grid styles available to make sure you find the perfect double hung window for your home in Freehold NJ.

• Easy to Clean

Distinct from single hung, they comes with two operable sashes. These easy tilting sashes make cleaning a breeze either interior or the exterior without having to step outside. The double operating sashes also eliminate the hassle and danger of having to use a ladder to make your windows clean while simultaneously juggling your cleaning supplies.

• Double the safety

While installing double-hung windows, we provide the option to choose one or two interior locks depending on the size. These locks are designed to give you the peace of mind in Freehold, NJ and you can sleep peacefully knowing they can’t be easily opened from the outside. We also furnish double-hung windows with the ventilation latches. These ventilation latches are flabbergasted and located inside. Ventilation latches will bound the degree to which a sash can be raised or lowered. Allowing you to open it but still feel safe in Freehold, NJ knowing they can’t be opened any further.

• Allows Air Circulation

The double-hung windows is an excellent source of ventilation in Freehold, NJ as both sashes can be left open for improving air circulation. they can be multiple-purpose as the heat rises to have the top sash can be left open allows the heat to escape, while having the bottom sash open for cool fresh air to enter. While the ventilation latches will also help to increased airflow of your home in Freehold, NJ.